Our Best Programs.

Floating back in time with the best soul music ever made.

Do you remember those Friday And Saturday nights, visiting the local club with a bunch of your best friends, or when you made that one particular dance with that girl that took your breathe away ? THAT is precisly the feeling that we want to call back for you. The very best of best Soul music is presented to you in a daily show, starting at 19:00.

Allthough....At wednesdays, at Studio192 they surely do !

Starting at 00:00, they're writing the rules at this station. Everey girl "get's an hour" to bring there best music to you, we've already made a pre-selection for you, but anything can change at the Girly's Day, because YOU ARE MAKING THE RULES. So, hop in. And be entertained by only the best.
(Amy Winehouse, Adele, Whitney Houston, Candi Staton, Anouk, Leonie Meijer, Miss Montreal, Cilla Black, Alanis Morisette, Bjork, celine Dion, Kelly Clarckson, Janet Jackson, Timmi Yuroand so on, and so on....)

WARNING !! Incoming Music !

In this show, we're playing the latest arrivals, either received through our Dropbox, or wich we downloaded ourself. Anyway, this IS a good moment to listen to the latest arrivals at our station, before they are "sorted" into the correct program. BE THERE !

And (..) THIS is the place where you can find your music,in case you upload(ed) your music to our station via Dropbox.

More Shows.

Every night at 22:00 we will help you fall to sleep, or just relax at the end of the day, this program is extremly suitable for an night with your lover to. AND be aware that this music, or meditational sounds can ALSO be received at your mobile device, connected to our (direct) stream.
Every once and an while. Classical music is not THAT bad (AT ALL !) so, to make your Saturday more "easy" , we thouhgt that we have to offer you also this kind of easy-relaxing-music, after some programming , we've decided to give it to you on Saturday, at 09:00, to wake up easy and relaxed.
Yep,we're a DUTCH station, and at saturday-morning,we will "hook-in" with all of those "Wireless" Dutch radiostations who present a wide range of Dutch 'Pirate' music. So do we. Saturday morning at 10:00 you can hear what the meaning of 'Pirate Music' is.
The hardest Rock we could found, for the headbangers among us. But also the most beautiful ballads,presented by groups that normally produce that hardest rock ever. So, Volume to 12 at Saturday at 21:00 !!
Carlos (devadip) Santana

Who doesn't know 'Maria,Maria' , or 'Europe' and 'Samba Pa Ti' ? In this program, we present you the OTHER songs that Santana made, and if you're lucky, you can hear to good old oldies coming by.

(Friday at 20:00)

Robot Radio.

Introducing Robotronics at a radio station.

Say hello to our most fanatic colleague, Rob-O DJ. This guy really take's care of bussiness, because during day-time, when there's NO regular schedule, this guy is taking care of bussiness, playing his own choice, of EVEN yours in the request show ! Because Rob-O DJ can't speak (yet), you're able of sending in your requests On-Line.

In the very near future, the request system will be up and running. In that case YOU are able of creating the shows, in co-operation with this shiny guy. Keep your eyes on this article, we'll keep you posted about the progress....

Popular Shows

The most listeners choose for :

The show where new music is presented. NOT the most recent music, but those received, either by up/download, music exchange and new additions from our listeners through our dropbox. ALL the latest received music is presented to you Daily at 21:00.

Meditational Music. (Deep Zen)

When the day is coming to an end, and you're getting ready to go to sleep. At that moment, we will support you with TWO hours of the most relaxing, music, specially written for those meditational moments.From Us to You. Have A pleasant night. Namasté.