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Gelderland (GLD), The Netherlands.
Telephone: +31 6 000 00 000

Other Ways To Contact.

For the latest news about our station, have a look at our FaceBook-page. This is the place where news "on the fly" is placed, and if you become one of our (FaceBook) friends, you can always join in with your comments.

You can check our FaceBook Page

Sure we have a Twitter account ! And we wrote some software that "transmit" the number wich is playing (In real time) at our station.You can find us as @247Robby If you follow us at Twitter, you're able of contacting us direct through a DM.

OR you can switch directly to our Twitter Page by following this link (Opens in a new page.)

Yep ! I'm a Radio-Amateur and "Stand-by" on several frequency's, BUT the antenna conditions are very,very poor, but in case you want to try to establish a local connection,we're available at the following frequency's :

027.12500 Mhz - Ch.14 CB Band
433.10000 Mhz - Ch.02 LPD Band
446.00625 Mhz - Ch.01 PMR Radio
149.11250 Mhz - Ch.01 FreeNet

All frequency's in FM.
Every once and a while, we place a video at our YouTube channel, mostley little movie's about who I am, and what I do for a living. (I'm a travelling cook.....) Most video's are in Dutch, and can be found HERE

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